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I have been working on a WordPress Site,I just install a Theme in my wordpress site, I just want to […]

I  have just work with the plugin installation in WordPress with my guideline you can easily install a plugin in […]

We have just created our new questionnaire to help ease for customers to reach out and minimize the communication Gap. […]

I have been working on a Magento project and stuck on this error for a long time, I have tried […]

I have been trying to migrate the users database from one open source CMS to Magento. I have been having […]

I have been working on a Magento E-commerce Project, my customer wants the Magento extension to be developed and I […]

To know which the files are is copy thought xcopy with Date & Time. Note:  the doubled greater than symbols […]

Backup without any additional software. This command work for Windows OS Only.   XCOPY “source\*” “destination\” /C/E/H/D/Y !!switches that control the execution of XCOPY!! […]

Most of the times, I was trying to search for the commands to set a different set of permission for […]

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